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The song data that is in MIDI format and any lyrics linked to this site are not to be used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research. The song data is copyright by the respective owners. Many items do not contain individual notices but are still protected by copyright laws

The files available in the website were spontaneously received from collaborators. It’s our politic to esteem their creators. This way, we always keep the author’s name in every file we receive. When we receive anonym files in MIDI format, many times we make the lyrics synchronization work of the music, turning it to a karaoke file. In these cases and also when we acquire files straightly from the musicians, we put them the name of the person who has synchronized it.
If you find any file in our website that is from your authorship, karaoke or image files whose credits were attributed to others, send us an e-mail exposing the fact, this way we can correct the mistake and publish better your work, and if you prefer, we can exclude the file from our pages. Omission will lead us to suppose your agreement.

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The contents of this site was taken from other online sources. Used and download it at your own risk.

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